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New Bidet Attachment Ultra-Slim Toilet Seat Double Nozzle Spiral Adjustable Water Pressure Non-Electric Ass Sprayer - Cosy

New Bidet Attachment Ultra-Slim Toilet Seat Double Nozzle Spiral Adjustable Water Pressure Non-Electric Ass Sprayer - Cosy

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bidet attachment for toilet
  • Upgrade Your Toilet Experience with the jeriussg Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment
  • If you start using the bidet now, you will use 90% less toilet paper next!!
  • Then, the monthly bill will be improved.
  • Flush away the gloom and gain confidence and happiness immediately.
Bidet Attachments

How to Use jeriussg Bidet?

- Just as you can see, the slim bidet is easy to understand and use.

  • The red in the middle is the off state, turn it gently to the up to turn on the rear mode, and turn to the downturns on the female mode. Beware, the momentary large rotation that leads to high water pressure may hurt you.


toilet bidet attachment

Our jeriussg attachment for the toilet has a slim and elegant design that seamlessly fits your toilet, ensuring a gap-free toilet seat. Toilet bidet not only makes your bathroom look better, but it is also made with high-quality and durable material, offering a comfort solution that is made to last for everyone in your house.

bidet toilet seat

What problems can be solved by using jeriussg bidet?

  • The cold water bidet’s water-pressure control knob allows you to adjust the water pressure to create an experience that blends comfort and ease of use, to enjoy a perfectly healthy life. Elderly and children can also easily use bidet attachments to get ideal intensity. Say goodbye to toilet paper and hello to a healthier and more luxurious way of staying clean.


butt washer toilet seat

bidet for toilet

bidet for toilet


Stainless Steel Control Knob

  • Made with stainless steel control knob and brass water inlet.
  • This bidet attachment main body is quality ABS material, premium construction provides solid protection against wear and tear for continual, everyday use.


bidet toilet seat

Package Includes

  • 1 x Ultra-Slim Cold Water Bidet;
  • 1 x Assembly Instruction;
  • 1 x Brass T-connector (7/8" x 7/8" x 9/16");
  • 1 x Cold Water Stainless Steel Flexible Hose.
  • 2 x Circular Mounting Brackets
  • 1 x Teflon Tape
  • (PS: Entire toilet seat not included)


bidet non electric

Easy to Install

  1. Remove the toilet seat.
  2. Install the bidet on the toilet and adjust the position.
  3. Connect the T-adapter and the water hose.

*Tips: Please turn off the water valve and empty the toilet tank before installation.

When installing, remember to wrap the teflon tape around the hose connections to prevent leaks.


bidet for small toilet

Product information

Manufacturer ‎jeriussg
Part Number ‎jeriussg-ZM-FXQ-001
Item Weight ‎1.43 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎17 x 3 x 6 inches
Country of Origin ‎China
Item model number ‎jeriussg-ZM-FXQ-001
Color ‎White
Included Components
‎Toilet seat accessories *1 User manual *1 Braided metal hose *1 Round fixing plate *1 Metal T-adapter (7/8" x 7/8" x 9/16") *1 rubber washer *2
Batteries Included? ‎No
Batteries Required? ‎No



Q: This product does not need to be plugged in, how does it work and how stressful is it?

A: Our products work by supplying water and cold water. The maximum pressure depends on the water pressure in your home. You can turn it down and up.

Q: How to avoid water leakage?

A: As shown in the picture: Make sure the black rubber gasket is inserted into the top of the T-adapter and all connections are secure. Wrap a thin layer of Teflon Tape around the valve threads before attaching the adapter. You can wrap all connections with Taflon Tape to prevent leaks.

Q: How do I know which bidet is right for my toilet?

A: You can watch the picture showing the installation size of the bidet.

Q: If I have a bidet installed, how can I keep the toilet seat from rising?

A: This slim design bidet is half thinner than a traditional 12mm thick bidet. The toilet seat is seamless and easy to install. We also included three spacers that can adjust the height of the toilet seat and can also supplement this problem.

Q: What should I do if I buy a product that is not the right size?

A: You can contact customer service as soon as possible, we will let you confirm the exact size, and then help you solve this problem.

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